Food and Restaurant Logos

custom-logo-designDesigning a logo can be pretty challenging especially if you don’t have too much artistic skills and have little idea about what kind of logo design inspiration you can use. This is why it is never advisable to design your own logo, unless of course, being a logo designer is what you do for a living. There are specific logos for different industries. If you happen to be interested in food and restaurant logos, here are some tips that may help you out.

1.    Choose one that has good vibes.

When people associate something with good emotions, for some reasons, they keep coming back to it. They think about it a lot. In choosing the design for a food logo, the logo designer can lighten up with the concept and use elements that make people smile. This “food lover” logo definitely hits all the right notes by using a not so serious font and incorporating the heart symbol neatly. The design is very charming and definitely effective.

2.    Tickle one’s inner child.

This Smucker’s logo is nothing short of genius. First of all, the name is crazy good for a jam. Add the power of suggestion by using succulent strawberries and it doesn’t convey the message clearer than that. When you see this logo design, it makes you want to have sweet jam. It doesn’t matter what age you are.

3.    Cleverly hint at freshness.

If your business is about food, be it processed or not, it is a very good idea to take advantage of the power of suggestion by using appropriate colors and graphics. This Hormel Foods logo design must have been well thought of. The logo designer’s use of contrasting colors makes the logo standout. The shade of green is perfect, hinting at freshness without being over the top. The final touch of the parsley leaf suggests a natural feeling. You’ll forget for a second that this company sells something processed.

4.    State the obvious.

custom-logo-designerThere are many concepts that can be played with in designing a logo. Some principles suggest that sometimes it’s effective to use totally unrelated symbols in choosing a logo—more like a counterintuitive approach. When it comes to restaurants and food logo designs, you can be as obvious as you’d like. Remember that food is dependent on a sense and the more you reach out to the sense of taste with the use of visuals, the more effective your logo will be. An example of an in-your-face design is Chili’s new logo. The very daring of dropping the name is admirable.

A logo designer knows how to create a logo that is most suitable for your business. Nowadays, you can even purchase ready-made designs online. No need to wait for weeks.

Every business deserves to have its own identifier. Be sure to be wise about the design of your logo. A good marketing emblem is something that can bring your business great success. Talk to a professional designer now.